SPECIAL HOLIDAY – Gift Certificates!


Beginning 9am Thursday, December 18th thru 3pm Saturday, December 20th, 2014 we’re offering a 1587 Restaurant Gift Certificate Sale! Buy one 1587 Gift Certificate , get an additional Gift Certificate worth 50% of the original purchase amount FREE! (example: buy one for $100, get additional $50 Gift Certificate FREE!).

Purchase your 1587 Gift Certificate by -
Visiting: the Tranquil House Inn, Manteo • Calling: 800.458.7069 or 252.473.1404
 • Emailing: info@1587.com

Mention any special details to make your offer appealing.

Walk-in, call or e-mail us beginning
9am Thurs., Dec 18th until 3pm, Saturday, Dec 20th
(e-mails must be timestamped during eligible hours to apply).
Include your friends and family in on this Special Sale while it lasts!!

Wishing you and yours a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!!


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