Welcome to 1587 Restaurant! In every great vacation spot there are one or two special places – places you discover and claim as your own – slightly off the beaten path and away from the crowds and the frenzy – places where magical memories are made. Such a place is 1587. Here you will find World-Class chefs who blend the freshest of ingredients including herbs grown from the Inn’s own gardens, today’s Atlantic seafood, meats & fowl, and vegetables from the Outer Banks’ finest growers. You’ll dine in an atmosphere that is elegant but relaxed as you gaze through the large windows that frame a view of quaint Shallowbag Bay and a moonrise that is truly spectacular! Travel writers and food critics from around the country say it’s a “must do”. The writers from Southern Living said simply, “Remarkably creative cuisine,” and the producers of Food Network’s “Best Of” featured 1587’s creations as the ultimate in Outer Banks dining. Those who visit us do so again and again and come to understand what is meant by, “All is not lost!”